The Puppy and the Moon

I heard a distant, curious noise outside.

I went out to check that sound outright.

A fox, a bunny, a squirrel, a raccoon?

It was my puppy, and he was singing a tune:

‘Owooooo, owooooo, owooo’ at the moon!


His eyes were far-off, his tail looked tense.

His wild beast side I could surely sense.

A brave warrior puppy just left his cocoon!

An ancient wolf, proudly howling his tune:

‘Owooooo, owooooo, owooo’ at the moon!


Bearing memories of freer, faraway times.

The night sang, the dazzling moon shined.

Hurt by its beauty I nearly fell into a swoon!

No other choice but to mumble the tune:

‘Owooooo, owooooo, owooo’ at the moon!


Thinking of ages when we’re only strangers, 

And together bonded over common dangers.

We looked at the sky, our two souls attuned,

And in unison sang the primordial ol’ tune.

‘Owooooo, owooooo, owooo’ at the moon!


This poem is about: 
My family


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