Puppeteer's Cruelty

Sun, 07/27/2014 - 11:25 -- abibb4

Give me a chance

Let me breathe

You’re treating me like I’m the enemy

Sticks and stones are only temporary

But the words of your mouth are stitched to my heart


A broken ship will sink

The blood from a wound will only bleed

From the depths of my soul to the open seas

Enough is enough for the end can be seen


Paint your wrath in the awe struck sky

Like a canvas foreseen

An eclipse is at nigh

To bury your dream

Can’t forgive, can’t forget

I gave you my last

And I’m left with regret


What would hope want

What would it need

It doesn’t belong here

Never for me

I’m on a string

Pinocchio can’t feel this sting  

Controlled by you

Takes control from me


Thanks for everything

Thanks for anything

Life without you

Is now boneless for me 


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