Pupets and chains.


Life has many choices, do we choose?

now and days we are just  told what we should do.

Dreams are told they can come true what about thoses who have no clue

Growing with a disabilitiy makes us differant

our lives change in a instant. we have no mind as they say

we are just the worlds pupets in their little game

struggles have passed on by with no problem or delay

yes we are differant , but in this world who isnt?

 We are all unique even in the shadows of school when we leave no can tell us what to do

we can soar to the sky and back to earth anytime,the world is our playground

but they dont understand life is full of chains they just cant see it.

untill we have controll of the game.



Guide that inspired this poem: 



Expressing  how i feel  it helped me relax and be my self in a creative and simple way

i am a honor roll student with a learing disabilities ... i am constantly told i have to

do stuff that is not what i want to do ....... this is the only way i can express myself

without getting to emotional and i glade of that :)

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