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She blasts the radio trying to drown out the sounds of her mother wailing, father wailing on her mother, but neither TLC, 3LW, nor Destiny's Child is loud enough to cover her mothers screams. Screams of hurt, screams of pain, screams of I gotta go and... screams of I love this man, I'll never leave this man, I gotta have this man. Have this man? How could you have this man, hitting you, beating you every night while your daughters in the next bedroom. She's only six years old and can already tell you the meaning, definition, parts of speech, antonyms and synonyms of domestic violence. She knows what it is, but not why it is, why it is that daddy is striking mommy. "What did mommy do daddy? What did she do?" she says, then he says "Baby, sometimes mommy makes daddy mad, so daddy has to punish mommy." Not understanding that when he punishes mommy he punishes her too. No, not physically, but mentally, emotionally, because when her mother cries on the outside, she cries on the inside. She cries inside when she sees her mothers bruises, she cries inside on every trip to the hospital because daddy punished mommy to the point of unconsciousness, she cries inside when she sees mommy being buried six feet under the ground, and now she's gone, with no one but daddy. the words replay in her head like a nightmare, "Baby, sometimes mommy makes daddy mad, so daddy has to punish mommy." Only problem now is daddy's mad because mommy's gone, and daddy's mad because she looks like mommy, and daddy's mad, so he punishes her. Now she cries on the outside when she sees her own bruises, she cries on the outside on her way to the hospital, and daddy cries on the outside when he sees her being buried six feet under the ground and now she's gone, because she looked like mommy, and mommy made daddy mad, so daddy punished mommy and now he punishes himself with one shot to his temple and now, daddy's gone.



This poem is so discriptive. It builds a story in my head. How...artistic! Wonderful! How did you think of something like this? Great ending and beginning. But I like the ending better. It was just so beautiful. Great job.

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