Punching bag

I punch the wall


I punch again


I want to feel it all

but I just can’t


The pain I get

inside my chest

Each time I let

my thoughts to you drift

drowns out the pain

breaking bones

I remember the point

where my ligaments snapped

out popped my joints

my tendons tore

yet still I keep punching

to forget you


I wish the heartache

would all just stop

my whole life feels fake

when I look and stop


I keep on hitting

it cannot end

my hands are bleeding

the pain ascends


I hate myself

more than anything else

so I hurt my arm

to stop all my harm


you don’t miss me

you never will

but I want you

here with me still


I’m in so much pain

no one here understands

I punch again

Until the wall doesn’t stand


I pummel, hit, I scream for help

But still no one comes

because they can’t hear

the sound from this room


I hit once more

my call now a yelp

I fall to the floor.

I’m down on the ground


I broke my hand, my arm, my wrist

they’re all shattered. My whole fist

it shakes and bleeds forever more

till I die here on this cold floor.

I wait for you

you’ll never come

But I still love you

what have I become?


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