Pt 2 for you

Hurt me twice, shame on me,
Right? What about the 6th time?
Am i complete idiot by that
Definition? Am i hurting myself
And knowing that i'm doing so?

Maybe i like the pain, maybe i
Like the sympathy it brings to me.
Or maybe i let you hurt me
Time and time again, because i
dont give up easily, at least not on you.

Here i am, 7th time around,
Pretending that i am externally
Happy. Happy with all the
Attention i get from the other boys.
But i cannot be happy, not with them.

I sit here wishing youd let me
In more, or at least more often than
You do. Wishing youd see how
Much i care. but you seemed to
shut me out again and left me on seen.

I never thought id be so displeased
With talking to boys, but i am.
Displeased bc the one person i
Long to speak with has shut me
Out once again and it pains me so.

Please let me in, please get help.
I need you in my life and i dont want
To see you like this any longer.
Please dont end it all, i promise
Life is worth it. Please talk to me again.


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