Psychotherapy or going "psycho" in Therapy

One-on-one, or two?,

 A group with a few?,

So much to choose?

Dr. Who?  Why you?


LMHC, LMFT, Ph.D, or a Psy. D,

But really, what’s your specialty?

“Um…that’s easy,

Psychodynamic, CBT, EMDR, DBT”


Wait, wait, wait! 

Repeat please, all this is confusing me?

Freud, Jung, Gestalt, Rogers, Existential, and more, 

All this therapy is gonna make me poor!!


You want cash at the door,

my insurance you ignore,

watching the clock, going tickity-tock,

50 minutes up,

you say “time to stop.”


My mother, my brother,

My father, we cover.

The teasing, the pleasing, the reason for being,

the spiritual, the sensual, even my potentials.

Family roles, cultural goals,

Asian no-no’s, taboo topics you chose,

Ain’t it time to bring it to a close?


I learned a lot, yeah I did,

Learned to cry, ask questions why?

Sitting in a room, once a week,

Gave me a chance, open up and speak.


Therapy for me, quite heady,

kife goes on though, think I’m ready.

I respect your profession, though I’m Asian.

I want to thank you for, your dedication,

Your work has been, quite an inspiration.





This poem is about: 
My community
My country



Mm. I appreciate this. I'm with you. 

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