A PSA For Those Who Feel Like They'll Never Fly


Bad things

Cease eventually, but

Did they ever say

Everything would feel as if

Falling were the ultimate answer, and

Good things would fade rather quickly, quite

Habitually, like some odd force in the universe

Intended for every single thing to spiral rather haphazardly

Jinxing the entirety of disoriented prayers and wishes on constellations

Kicking childhood dreams of happily ever after you wonder if this

Life is worth living because with every step of progress you have

Made, your glass bones and paper skin unravel at the seams; tears fall

No no no no no this cannot happen because as everything falls your walls

Only exist in tinted ash trays and slate memories, a romanticization of this lingering addiction

Pleas of “lord help me god” , “I can’t let this one go” and “what’ll I become”

Questions of why can’t I let go of and can’t seem to escape this feeling of falling

Really scares me this year round because there’s no bottom ground for me to land upon; lay my head down to rest

Softly, and unwind. This too, is tempting, forever resting in the grave you had custom made with ashen embellishments

That surrounded you in mountains of etiolated walls, they’re suffocating, but not quite, because you can still breath, but just barely and

Until you decide it’s enough, you decide it’s still too late to give in

Venture to the other side, where everything's nothing and falling is all you are feeling, and as the ash is contaminating your lungs, you are waiting for these death marked moments to crash but then

When you are ready to accept it, to give in, and let go, flashes of memories in hues of the entire spectrum erupt in brilliant light and for each bad, you etch an

X in your mind, and for all the good you etch an “o”, and once you’ve reached the vast end of them all,

You look at the bigger picture and see a canvas of magnificent art to be recollected and cherished; remembered and sanctified, because these x’s and o’s are markings and lashes onto your life as a tic-tac-toe game for the win. These x’s and o’s may cover your thoughts and burden your mind, but in the end, it  would be a damn shame to let the x’s take over the o’s, because your life is not equal to nothing, you are not



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