Proud of you


Peeking through the window, it wakes me in the morning

Seeing what the day will be, reminds me that I’m soaring

Above the clouds and in the skies, the daylight holds me tight

And like the wind it takes me through the day and tucks me in a night

This beautiful glimpse of heaven peeking through my curtain

It thrills me when I see it

It lets me know for certain

The day is new, my love is true

And everything leads right back to you

Twisted up in the sheets

I fight to break free

Knowing this will make you grasp on to me

And like the sun that woke my eyes

You kiss me gently and all fear dies

I can conquer the world today

I can see my dreams come true

Taking a deep breath I sigh and fall right back into you

It’s not me that holds the key to my own strength

It’s you staring back at me, just in arm’s length

The world takes my soul to a different place

And in your eyes I find peace and grace


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