Proud of my roots.


Oh dream maker

You heart breaker

My Mexican pride

I will never hide.


El conquistador de México

Leader of destruction

El veneno toxico

That killed our nation.


Thanks to our padres patrioticos

We sing this song,

The song of esclavos

That all of us sing along.


Who never thought that one sound

Would change the nation,

The sound of a campana

That sounded in every direction.


Gracias Miguel Hidalgo

Thanks for your bravery

Today we expand our roots

On every nation.


I’m proud of being Mexican

Because that’s my precious root,

I’m proud of coming from a poor family

Because they have the best manners,

I’m proud of eating beans

Because that’s where all my nutrients come from,

I’m proud of hablar español

Porque asi me identifico del resto del mundo.


One day I’ll have my kids

Maybe I’ll have dos,

They will live happy

Orgullosos de ser mexicanos.



Remember mexicanos

Don’t be afraid of your culture,

You are special for being Latino

That’s what makes up your future.


Now let’s change this nation,

To show those people

That we can make a connection

And live happily together

As a nation.


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