For the Proud, the Few

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 15:32 -- ecimase

They are the few

They are the proud

These few, these proud

Always so brave

In the darkest hour

Despite our treatment

Of these heroes

These survivors

They can relate to us

But not us to them

For they were us

But we are not them

In our experiences

In our own beliefs

And to the answers

As well as questions

That they found

Along their journey

Towards enlightenment

Towards Heaven

We view them coldly

Sometimes, it depends

On who is asking

But they need support

Just as we do

Soldiers, more than us

They are still human

So many of them

And yet, so few

Not all of them, sadly

Will always make it

In this cold world

This harsh reality

But they remain strong

Even in our weakness

They find the light

Where we see dark

This is who they are

They have seen the truth

This is a tribute, to them

For the few, the proud


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