Have you ever stopped to wonder, just how many people love you, cherish you, help you? I have. I have two people who have supported me through every choice. Ups and downs, thick and thin, all of it. The people who picked me up off the ground when my bike crashed. Who brushed off my raw, scraped up knees and said “don’t worry baby, you just have to learn! Try again!” The people who tutored me in my worst subject until I got better. The people who let me play rough sports like softball and soccer. Who would encourage me when the team wasn’t doing so good. The people who raised me to respect those who have authority. The people who were there to correct me if I was wrong. The people who encouraged me to read and eventually to write my own stories. Oh but little did they know about how they encouraged my poetry. How they are the basis of all I do, the love behind the smiles. Today I am thankful for my parents. They have done so much for me and I can never truly thank them enough. There will never be enough love to give them for all they have done for me. But everyday I tell them when I leave for work or school, “I love you” and they reply “I love you more!” And I would very quickly have to say “infinity times forever plus eternity!” Before they do. And that will never change. 

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My family
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