The silence creeps through the house,

until I was awaken by a sound.

He was bursting into tears,

as she laid there so still.

I did not know what to do,

thats when my heart broke into two.


Her skin was cold as ice,

as I hold her hand by my side.

Her lips was so purple,

I just couldn’t understand.


Door slammed open with a thump,

made me quickly jump up.

They came rushing in.

Could they save her in the end?

They picked her up,

as if she was light as a feather.


I watched as they carried her away,

as the tears came rushing down my face.

I turned and saw my sister,

it was now my duty to protect her.


Her eyes turned dark red,

too young to comprehend.

I pulled her close,

as she took it all in.  



This poem express so much strength ,emotional in hard times.This shows a hard difficult time maybe in  your life and just know what ever comes your way you have the ability to overcome it .With the strength that guild you with writing to be able to stand tall on your feet. Keep your head up and be strong for your sister and what ever you might be going through .

I enjoyed your work 

check out my poetry when you get a chance and hopefully my work inspire you thank you 

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