If I could go back in the past ,
man I would have told you ,
That being a young mother didnt look good on you ,
And It's crazy because I used to know you ,
You where the girl that everybody looked up To ,
you was the girl that every one wanted to be ,
but I don't think your understanding me ,
you just look at me with those troubled eyes ,
but I see the pain you carry deep inside ,
I see the weight of two that you Carrie on your shoulders ,
from here on out pregnancy is not going to get any easier ,
and it felt so good for the moment but you should have been on birth control or sulibit instead of saying the hell with it ,
but I'm glad your ok because diseases run from HIV to aids ,
so the next time he gets an erection tell him to put on some protection or he can't have any of your affection ,
And to all the young adults you have a lot of life ahead of you ,
so practice safe sex and don't let pregnancy or diseases get the best of you .


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