A Proper Education

Is school just a care center for children, or is it a little bit more?

In my opinion a school should be about educating through to the core.

Are math and sceince and english the most important things to learn?

And does it really motivate students when the teachers are strict or stern?

What about morals? Aren't those important to teach?

What about strength? and courage? Teachers don't have to preach,

But a little life lesson here or there could be beneficial to a young mind.

Especially for those who may not be the smartest, or cannot memorize

every little vocabulary term and every little date,

that comes up in a textbook but does not relate

to the mind of that student whose focus is elsewhere.

People say that students today just don't really care.

I believe this is false, Students just want an outlet.

They want something they can understand,

something that they can truly comprehend,

Something that makes a difference in the world,

Something that allows them to step out of the crowd.

Education should be more than just books and technology,

It should nurture every child's potential and individuality.


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