Promises Stained in Red

I've made a deal with Mephistopheles,
One signed in crimson blood. 
I resigned a significant portion of myself
To a hell in which you can't even imagine
And for no greater reason than
My insatiable thirst for liquid gold. 
My body quivers and aches at the thought of it
Oozing through my fingers and drenching my body
In its warmth and pulsing brilliance. 
Nothing matters more than my ability
To touch and memorize every property
Of this seemingly intangible entity. 
I've sworn away my allegiance
To my family and friends
In glorious exchange of the holy light. 
My time is dedicated to this 
Emissary of all things golden. 
And still, I smile and walk to class
With my head raised proudly
Like I deserve to be there. 
And even though the Lord frowns at me
From his ivory tinted throne,
I carry myself with all of the grace
Of a weightless and heavenly angel. 


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