The Promise of the Night


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Dusk comes calling for the harvest of the day to begin its end,

all creatures, great and small must forfeit, time does not pause nor bend.


A sky filled with wondrus colors follows light to surrender its good fight,

so quickly, when is that careful moment that dusk yields to the twilight of the night?


Whether by destiny or will before the day strikes its final chime,

purpose was found with passion in each fraction of time.


As the mind’s eye does see, and the heart sifts memories from the day,

it is with labor and judgment before rest; those to keep, regret, or even toss away.


To earn comfort and peace into the shadows of the black night,

darkness must come for the promise of dawn and a new light.


Guide that inspired this poem: 


Cheryl Griffith

Lovely poem! I like the way it flows smoothly and the couplet structure is wonderful it's like a separate poem in every two lines. Also, great imagery and your choice of wording brings out your message clearly. Very positive ending. 

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