The Promise Land

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 00:11 -- ani1271

dispare, desperation is in our life form called a new creation
it comes out like a fireball ready to explode
the devils worship is a tale of our own.
the worls is about to end. so we better injoy life while we can.
tragic is so common people are dieing in every direction.
from nuclear wars and fighting till we cant dight no more.
so we lose our faith in god and wedont really understand
why these things are happening in oure place called the promise land.
so why do we bother in fixing ourselves to be excepted on this earth.
when all we see is the world's atmosphere crumpling beneath our feet.
so we lose our faith in god and we dont really understand how heaven
and earth were created to be called the promise land


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