Prologue to The Cape Cod Tales (based of off Geoffrey Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales)


It was a fine August day
When we set off for Cape Cod Bay.
It was just a small trip
For us five to have an ocean dip.
Our first destination was the coffee shop.
We went there first, so we did not have to stop.
It was a three-hour ride
Before we could see the ocean’s tide.
We drove in a nice car.
The car was consumer rated a five star.
Audi was the brand name.
Its gas pedal was hard to tame.
The vehicle had all leather seats
And all together was very neat.
There was a radio playing most of the time.
Its music seemed to be in perfect rhyme.
The car could only hold five,
But five was plenty enough to feel alive.
The first of my friends was to my right.
She was often quite a fright.
She was very pretty however,
And often much too clever.
She is a girl from Chicopee, Mass.
She usually had a lot of sass.
Her height is quite funny.
She didn’t reveal a shadow even when it was sunny.
The wench is extremely short
And tended not to be a good sport.
That chick enjoys to shop
And wore a tight blue top.
Her hair was long and blonde.
Most people thought of it to be fond.
All in all, she was cool and hip.
She was bound to be the quietest the whole trip.
The girl who sat directly behind me
Was the one paid the highway toll fee.
She was extremely popular and cool
And had a wide variety of friends in school.
She was a player on the soccer team
Who listened to music to blow off steam.
She had big Beats head phones,
But the music she listened to was just a mixture of tones.
Usually, I noticed her hair to be in a bun.
She liked it that way and said it was fun.
In length, she was very tall.
So, she avoided buying heels at the mall.
Her personality was pretty funny,
But I wouldn’t say it was worth money.
She carried an expensive coach bag.
She was modest and did not brag.
Overall, she was a good friend
Who seemed to be up on every trend.
The next two people
Were often seen at the steeple.
As of now they were only dating.
Nevertheless, in the future, they may be mating.
The first of the two was a very tall fellow.
Most of the time, he was quite mellow.
However, sometimes he got mad.
As a result, the whole room would be sad.
He had a deep foreign accent
And was not willing to spend a cent!
His nationality was Russian.
He was quite stern and not open to discussion.
His hair was always spiked.
It didn’t move even when he biked.
He enjoyed his exercise and going to the gym,
And typically never went out on a limb.
He was always very safe and cautious—
Anything to avoid becoming nauseous.
For a man who was very cheap,
He wore clothes that were priced quite steep.
To me, he was just okay
And my opinions of him tend to sway.
The man’s partner in life
Was destined to be his wife.
She had long flowing hair
And tended to stare.
Her touch was gentle and sweet.
Every moment spent with her was quite a treat.
Her smile was beautiful and seductive—
Staring for too long would not be productive.
Mentally, she was always concerned.
She was nervous after being badly burned.
She usually wore nice t-shirts.
They were always clean and had no dirt.
She loved to eat lots of food,
But only when she was in a good mood.
Baked potatoes were what she preferred.
She said not to like them would be absurd.
She was absolutely the best,
And could live up to any test.
The last was Auntie Ali.
She seemed to be born and raised in Raleigh.
In style, she was very trendy.
She enjoyed yoga and was very bendy.
She ate very healthy
And lived as if she were wealthy.
To be honest, I did not know her all to well.
So, I have no more characterizations to tell.
On that day, we were on our way
To the enchanting Cape Cod Bay.
We should arrive in just a little bit.
It would be nice to get there before someone throws a fit!

Guide that inspired this poem: 


I took a trip with my friends to Cape Cod last summer and this poem represents a critical analysis of my friends during the trip.

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