The Progression

The time is taking its toll on humanity
By providing it with the resources that are otherworldly 
From a fire it all started 
A fire that provided humanity with its fine form and qualities
A fire that happened to cause the northern ice to become black and the dangerous light to reach its bounds
This is not all what there is 
There is more to this distorted tale 
A tale that waits for nobody 
A tale who can be an enemy or a friend in disguise
This tale is told by all of us 
By us I mean the most complex organisms of the world
Whose inventions can go above the skies and under the land
Inventions that can do things that are uinimaginable!
Inventions that can change the face of humanity!
I mean literally change what we are
Gene therapy a product of time 
Has provided the possibilities to change the unchangable
To change the course of our lives by typing the blueprint of life
Crisprcas9 another phenomenon of time 
Can be a possibility to alter the course of life!
By fixing the problems of our code
But wait! 
This is not the whole story 
This story like any other has a dark side
With the vicious intents of the people who are determined
To become the best they can be
Can use this transcendental thing
To raise a havoc in this world
A havoc that the impoverished cannot bear
A havoc that.....

This poem is about: 
Our world


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