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Many things have changed
between a hundred years ago and now.
The laws have thankfully rearranged;
all that people's mouths can say is wow

Back then the Jim Crow laws were made
to hurt lives and separate.
African American needed aid
from all the racial hate.

"Separate but equal" was the doctrine then.
Discrimination was a plague.
It just wasn't fair;
the way African Americans were treated was a shame.

A decade after this, Civil Right activists came to place.
A nonviolent protest was the one they used
to try to make peace and laws replace.
The federal government surely was amused.

The Voting Right Act of 1965 passed,
and so did the Civil Rights Act of 1968.
Segregation was finally banned;
everything seemed so great.

One hundred years since then have passed;
many changes have elapsed.
Our country has progressed one would say;
it's been molded just like clay.

Darkeness isn't as bad as it was once ago;
racism can still be see.
Progress is just slow.

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