A Product Of Entropy

I know what you're thinking
I can read your mind
You thought I was joking
You thought I was blind

You think I'm some guy
Who kinda likes to rhyme
You think I'm a writer
With way to much time

You think I'm just gifted
This talent of mine
When my pen is lifted
To write the first line

But you must understand
That information is real
Not made by a man
But it was made to feel

I am not a poet
Nor a writer of rhymes 
I am not a prophet
Nor a God in disguise

I am only a man
Who opened his eyes
I'm just the one
Who saw through the lies

The rhythm and pattern
And even the name
I only found them
The pieces the same

Depth of perception
Is the secret and key
Understand contradiction
And you finally see

That the pattern I spoke of
Is not something I made
I only found information
I sharpened the blade

It comes from the nature
Of the universe we see
The information we capture
The things we believe

It comes from a law
The measure of disorder
And this is what I saw
That time is the border

So remember this fact
In all that you do
You can never go back
If you wanted to

Time only goes forward
One becomes two
And disorder increases
The Product is you 

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