Proclamation: Dr. Jaleyah D. Davis, PhD


I was once misled, but I’ll guide you.

I was once idle, but I’ll inspire you.

I was once stagnant, but I’ll help you to grow

I was once befuddled, but I’ll help you to understand

I was once stubborn, but I’ll help you to listen

I was once deprived, but I’ll provide for you

I was once silent, but I’ll speak for you

I was once dream-less, but I’ll help you to aspire

I was once discouraged, but I’ll encourage you

I was once lost, but I’ll help you clarify


My dream is to advocate, to represent you

No one represented me, which became my fuel

I have a drive, a passion, a great urge to pave the way

Dr. Jaleyah D. Davis, Ph. D – that’s what they’ll say


My ignorance may be your light

My experience may be your teacher

My knowledge may be your message

My testimony may be your inspiration

My failure may be your lesson

My success may be your guide


Whatever I may be to you, take it all in stride

Mama may have, Papa may have

But God bless the child who has their own

I am a flower planted in cement, yet I have grown


This is my career, something I hold dear to my heart

Not many are sure of this, but I knew from the start

I want to be a lot of things, but of this I am sure

I want to be a psychologist, for rich or for poor

There are many jobs to choose from, but none other would I adore


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