The Problems we face "Today"

I picked up my pen and tor a paper

Ready to write an article, so verbal

But I was so empty inside, with guilt in mind, tortured by my crimes, which I commit in this life.

And so I drop back the pen, considering a stop. Because, my body, soul and spirit wouldn’t coop.

In a sudden, a query wobbled to my brain,

These feeling seems exceptional, like “what could be the aim”

That moment, when there is no other way to look, but above,

Pleading for him to put away these perverse lips, full of lies. I wish to be reborn.

All these started from my idea of seeing things literally,

God made me understand everything that night physically.

When you start experiencing the following!

Then begin a self evaluative attitude in yourself:



Discrimination, is derived from the formulation of Depression

Having gone through accusation, condemnation from the nation, you have visions

Nursing the idea of destruction, lacking production in your destination

Detesting corrections, taking the wrong direction and ending in deception.

For in the absence of perfection, there is the construction of Discrimination…



Timidity is what many people take to be Humility. And so they end in iniquity

Pretending to live in integrity, displaying the fiction of hypocrisy, just to have dignity

Ashamed of self, trying to understand purity, claiming honesty. But too timid for familiarity

Saying riches are evil and controlled by the folly of poverty, blind by self-dreams and fantasy

Full with the zeal for sincerity, but chain filthily and controlled by the gravity of Timidity…

The irony…


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