A Privilege to Feel and to Think

Sometimes I think of running away

How far can one run from their feelings?

Sometimes I just want to escape

And avoid any social interaction


Feelings cling to the inmost strands of the heart

Thoughts bleed into every fiber of the mind

One can’t just run from their feelings

Just as one can’t escape from their thoughts


What tragedy and turmoil rage inside the body

A growing desire not to think and not to feel

Yet without thought, one loses identity

And without feeling one loses individuality


A person lacking emotion is likened to such as a tin man

And the person lacking thought is likened to such as a scarecrow

A hollowing emptiness accompanies such vacancies

Lacking emotions and ideas is likening oneself to a corpse


A cold hard empty shell with no life

No ideas spark the imagination

For still and silent are the dead

Unmoving and stiff


One might be overcome with extreme sadness and grief

One may discover happiness in loving and in being loved

It seems that the feeling of grief can be inconvenient

But this feeling is the cost of the privilege of love


Since one can’t run from thought or from feeling

Because the two are never that far behind

I should think the only option is acceptance

To embrace the gift of thought and the gift of feeling


Yes, we must find a balance between opposites

Our thoughts can be so negative that we become depressed

But our thoughts can also be so positive that we become ecstatic

For one to accept and embrace one must love to think


Yes, we must find a balance between the good and the bad

Our feelings can be so desperate that we think of death

But our feelings can also be so hopeful that we think of life

Love and war balance but sometimes one is stronger the other


We can conclude the same for telling the truth and spewing lies

It is ever so disconcerting to feel nothing in response

And it is ever so overwhelming to feel too many emotions all at once

The thought of feeling something is better than the thought of feeling nothing


I find that I am ever so grateful to feel and to think

For isn’t it such a grand thing indeed

When I can accept my thoughts and feelings

Cease my worry and be content with being me

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