Prisoner's Plight


United States
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I understand the plight of a prisoner.

How the years of his life are crammed into a number as if the number itself could completely encase all of his pain. His identity shifts to become this number that dehumanizes him and expects him to remain humane.

His tears are left to stain his face that has been posted to represent his sins. His fingertips are the only remains of the person once known as him.

The words he writes fall on deaf ears for he hasn’t earned his keep. Society soon erases the person that he seeks.

Perhaps his words are too honest or too real for the world to conceive. Maybe he can’t relate to the plight of you and me.

Locked in a cage designed to destroy his mind, to take away his soul and remove him from mankind. The prisoner is much like an animal in attempt to rise and to free itself from the grasp of certain demise.

You root for the animal locked away for years but you shun the human who has sinned.
Christianity speaks of forgiveness and loving ones fellow man. But it’s hard to forgive those that you cannot understand.

Preach only as you do and be only as you are…. perhaps then you can understand the plight of a prisoner.

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