Prisoner of Words Unsaid

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 11:29 -- JDiva24


Prisoner of Words Unsaid 
For so long
For so long I've been a prisoner 
A life sentenced prisoner for a crime they committed for me 
Like Alicia Keys "I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
I'm a prisoner of words unsaid 
Just lonely feelings 
Locked away in my head 
It's like a solitary confinement" 
Years after years I have became senseless 
I've lost touch of who I am 
I've lost sight of who I wanted to be 
Impaired hearing to the war of emotions going on in my head 
Tasteless over wanting to speak my mind 
Anosmia to all the BS. Bittersweet unh? 
To me what mattered more was your self-betterment 
Everything I did was for your own sake
I am sick of being unheard 
Expecting everyone to read between the lines
Acting like everything is fine instead of just reading my lines 
I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
They'll ask me how you doing?
Id become speechless
How's life treating you?
Mmm speechless 
My chances to escape this prison cell had come
All I had to do was Speak 
My chances to break free from this prison bars had come 
All I had to do was speak
Instead I pled guilty
Sugar coated the truth
So many coated layers, it would take years to be revealed
I'm a prisoner of words unsaid
Need to open up my mouth and speak
For so long I've been weak 
For too long I have been silence 
My voice is an instrument that need to be heard
So speak! Speak up, speak out, speak loud, Speak now
I'm a prisoner of words unsaid 


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