Prisoner of War

Pitch black.

The streetlights question the blinds for answers.

They slightly part their lips to gossip

but are sworn to secrecy.

I knew the walls were talking though.

You could hear the paint chipping

from the barbaric laughter.

My stupidity was a punch line

even cavemen thought was comical.


The alarm clock read 1:17.

Such a coincidence, it’s the ratio

of how time split us like an atom.

Our foundation was too weak

of a bond to keep us together.

Should have known nothing

positive could come from this.

But everything bad about you

was just too damn attractive.


That plantation of a bed,

cotton sheets are such a shameless shackle.

By law, I am an indentured servant.

But my freedom cannot be bought. It’s given.

I am yours for more than just tonight.

No matter how I tried to run away,

the drinking gourd led me back to you.

With no recollection of what home is,

I was hoping your mouth

would make me its new resident.


Undressed to just my birth marks,

hiding was impossible. Wooden crate opened,

you rummaged through quarantined memories.

Peeled back my skin to marvel at my biology.

Yes, I have wounds that are over a decade old.

Yes, I am a man.

With a heart the size of a blue whale.

I have an ocean of pure water inside my chest.

Drink. I can tell you’re thirsty.


Your bedroom was a brothel

and I, its famous whore.

Negotiated me into being your

Pretty Woman. But I was never

compensated for my ugly services.

A skillful tongue, you enjoyed

the territory below my waist.

Your words were lost between you

landscaping my neck and making

my private parts your concentration camp.

There are war ballads about you.

Rookies sing them

over Irish beer and cocky laughter.

Legions have fallen victim

to your torture instruments.

Whether I screamed in pleasure or pain,

I loved when you commanded me

to drop and give you fifty.

I always retorted back with a hundred more.

When our flesh lip locked,

I knew you had taken prisoners before.

That your teeth have bitten into

more than just grenade pins.

I became aware then

I would be another dark secret.

Only late nights and early mornings

would share with each other.

We’re the reason of the don’t ask, don’t tell policy.

Nothing but inexperienced politicians

wanting the other’s popular vote.

My name was never on your ballot.


You said you loved me.

And as a foolish romantic, I believed you.

Disregarding your camouflage

and your ability to chameleon.

From being human to a soldier in combat instantly

Because I loved you too.

But you were too addicted to conquering

a third world country heart.

Seeing potential in its ruin.

Just to build it up and shatter it again.

I have always known you were a trained killer.

I just never expected you to take fire at an innocent civilian.


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