The Prisoner Is The Cage

I want to break free from the cage,

To be me.

To climb down off that stage,

then they'll see.

Stop hiding that shadow inside,

Undo all the times that I've lied,

It's finally time to decide,

Who I'll be.


Not the shell I showed the world,

Not the guy who lost the girl,

Not the one who's trapped

Inside a wrap

Who's mouth would only ever curl


In the slightest grin,

Or smallest frown,

Is that a sin?

It’s dragged me down

A ball and chain

Upon my heart

Inside my brain

Drives me insane

So now I’ll start

To try to train


Myself to finally come out,

Like a turtle from his shell.

No more silent screams in place of shouts

That make my life a living hell.


It doesn’t matter what they say,

My true self has reached his day.

I can’t continue to pretend

That my will was made to bend

And that this world is going to end

If I choose not to live “their way”.


It took me way too long to discover-

I don’t need to conform to the program.

And even longer to uncover,

The me that I really am.

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