The Prison of Your Eyes

strumming the strings in the chamber of my chest

searching for my soul beneath ashes without rest

such muffling darkness buries me

grueling sands grate my skin—grinding to the ground

amidst this gloom, in the sky—clouds part the murky sea

and breaks the screeching silence

lights the abyss that longs for substance

caressing its brilliance

pries my soul open, eyes once wide shut

leading to one trodden trail

blinded by the sight of a heavenly body

eternal beauty she graces upon my spirit

mere words do not do justice to the joy she brings

immersed in the bubbling, bubbling, bubbling pot where her cheer simmers

little does this unworthy world know that a goddess lives among fools

yelling a quiet riot, her gorgeous smile spans from cheek to cheek

her gaze claims my heart hostage into the depths of her eyes

a prison from which I wish not to escape

my shackles of loneliness—thwarted

I am hers for:

she is mesmerizing

she is magnificent

she is mystifying

she is mine


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