The Prison

 I am laying here in my cold, unwelcoming room  Barely tired enough for my eyes to get heavy enough start to close But my mind is so full of thoughts and questions that I can't silence I cannot get my mind to quiet down enough for me to be carried into a sleep undisturbed by my anxieties left alone by my sadness ignored by my insomnia But  my mind holds me hostage in a prison I don't want to attend that I don't need to attend  Everyone tells me that I need to get over it and that I'm okay But can't you see I'm not okay I am slowly being eaten alive my by anxieties devoured by my sadness consumed by my insomnia  I need the comforting arms of sleep to pick me up and rock me back and forth reminding me that I am still here and that everything will work out perfect, but they never show up  So I'm left in this prison I call my mind left to wander the halls of whys and what ifs never to know for certain if things are going to work out  If I'm still going to be alive come this time tomorrow, but I'm not entirely sure, I want to be alive this time tomorrow when I'm left to wander the halls.... 

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