"Let's hang out, are free this weekend?"

 Spontaneity, will be our guidline, we'll figure it out, just bring friends"

"But I have homework, I don't think...."

(Interjects) "Forget homework, forget school, I'll wear something pink"

"You're very pretty I understand, wont someone else go?"

"I want YOU, no one else, you've never been out before, 17 years with nothing to show"


It wont hurt, I think, I think, I'll have fun, she's dressed up I'm sure

I work all the time, to life there has got to be more........

But wait who is she? Who am I? Who are we? 

Children at, just children looking for grown up business at the end of the week....

I want more, I want to be, all that I can right? Who do I do this for? Why not go out tonight?

"Will! Are you coming?"

"Sure I think I can........"

"Son go to your room, no time for games, discipline is a trait a of a man."


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