Principles For Loving Yourself

I. You are amazingly perfect in every flawed way.

There is beauty in your mistakes.

Uncanny, majestic beauty.

Your flaws shine bright illuminating the whole sky.

You are perfect.


II. Your body is a castle filled with all the wonders the earth has to offer.

It is a place of worship.

Your body is home to you.

With all of its circles and squares, it is still a wondrous design.

Embrace it.


III. Your heart holds everything.

Every love, passion, desire, and hate.

Your heart carries the world.

It is okay to care too much.

It is okay to climb mountains for those who would not walk over hills for you.

Your heart is an oxygen filled balloon, that is only growing larger.

Protect it.


IV. Your mind is gracefully intelligent, not blissfully ignorant.

Your mind holds every thought, opinion, and memory, every ounce of knowledge you’ve gained.

Your mind is the door to your soul, your eyes merely the key.

Let your mind be the lighting and your words be the thunder of your soul.

Respect it.


V. You are worthy.

Only you can define who you are.

Never let anyone stand in your way.

Never let anyone knock you down.

You are so much more than any amount of clumsy words strung together.

No one can tell you who to be.

You don't have to please anyone.

Your worth is determined by you, and you don’t have to explain it

to anyone.

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