Princesses CAN Participate in the Pussyhat Project

Sun, 08/27/2017 - 18:09 -- ewelch2

It is 2017.

The Great United States is almost 250 years old,

250 years of experience and struggles

Yet men and women are still not equal

The princesses have had enough

They inspired girls for years

Only to have them go into the world to be…

Paid less and treaty poorly

The princesses know this is not right

Now is the time to unite to make change

Change that could empower women for another 250 years

All the princesses must come together

Ariel comes to be part of this world for a day

Mulan takes a break from saving China

Cinderella forgets about the ball

Snow White brings her seven dwarves

Belle lifts her nose out of a book

Jasmine rides her magic carpet in

Even the newer princesses are in for the cause

Tiana leaves someone in charge of her beloved restaurant

Moana braves the water’s edge

Merida slings her best bow over her shoulder

They are all going to Washington, D.C. to March on

Saturday, January 21st 2017

A day to go down in history

They cap their heads with the symbolic pink hat

A simple hat with cat ears that unites the women’s marchers

Arms linked and differences forgotten

The princesses step on to the street

Walking to the beat of equality

Nothing can stop them

Yet at the end of the day

They tearfully say goodbye to go home

Because after all, without princess stories,

who will inspire young girls for generations to come

Theses princesses can prove again and again that they are not

a damsel in distress



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