The Princess Or The Swan

Blue Blue or green Am I upon the sky or the sea Waking in another world In a body not familiar to me  She never quite learned to swim That girl I was The swan I am Drifting away from land Will it be days or years For a prince to take my hand  But though I face a shorter life  And opportunities lesser still  I cannot completely reconcile This peacefulness I feel  Have you ever sat upon a lake For hours at a time Watching the sunrise take the water  And the tides recede and rise There is a life to be made From feathers mud and fish And I'm not completely certain If that witch intended this  Perhaps she heard  That night I cried myself to sleep I told my parents I would die When the farmers son came for me But if I was a swan No  A bird would not be a prize And I'd rather be a bird any day Than a prize in someone's eyes  I can say for seasons passed so far I have watched many come and go And never once have I felt the urge To let a prince approach  And the gift I was given When the life I knew was gone Was the power to choose To be the princess or the swan


Golden Apple

Great poem. I love the ending.

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