The Princess Dream

Once, in a mansion on the hill, there lived ten servants, two parents, and Cinderella.

     While children received bread and far less,

     Cinderella played princess in a sparkly new dress.

     Soon, her life would go; and to fix it, she didn't know.

At the drop of a hat, her mother fell flat.   

     Her father, now widow, lost the family jewels, given back to the in-laws, the fools.

     And there was Cinderella, the ever - loving brat.

      Her father her aunt made of gold, and Cinderella became little more than a gnat.

No longer the princess; "life wasn't fair"!

     But speak up? She didn't dare.

     She now worked far into the night (with her father now gone);

     And prayed to her fairy god-mother to set things right (because she was so done).

Now, for one night, she was noble again;

     With a pearl white dress and slippers of glass,

     She knew it wouldn't last.

     But the prince wss stolen of his shallow heart; and he buried her in dresses to never be apart. 

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