Princess Charming

Dear governor 
I want to marry a girl.
I'm not quite sure of what type of girl 
But I know that's what I want.
I know you have accommodations for people like me
but who the hell pulls out a ring, gets on one knee and says 
"Will you civil union me?" 
I remember when i told my mother 
one of the first things she asked was
"does this mean you wanna wear boy clothes now?" 
I remember telling my father and he went silent 
because the girl i love and I don't "look" like a lesbian relationship
No where in the definition of lesbian does it state "acts like boy" 
No where in the definition of lesbian relationship does is state that one partner is the "male"
There is no male.
That's kinda the point. 
There equality between us because 
Identity and gender and sexuality are not cut dry like Perforated kitchen towels 
They are not black and white because the sky is light blue and sometimes pink and orange and gray and purple
Nature doesn't give a care because she knows change and Diversity are beautiful and the first Caterpillar to have turned into a butterfly must have been like "holy s*** guys!"
This is hard for me but my mom taught me to use my voice when even it shakes
And I know words hold no volumes 
Unless spoken with conviction
So please hear The L G B T Roaring through my vocal chords Aching to be accepted into the norm 
and listen Close to the Q because those cuties know Life is best lived with a bit of skepticism 
And the P and the A and what ever letter wants joins this party
a party of second class citizens who are really tired of backward equality 
and if it's unnatural don't take Medicine when you're sick or drive to work 
and if you don't agree that's lovely 
but I find the world works better when other people are allowed to have donuts tho I'm on a diet 
and if I am ill I'm going to start calling in queer to school 
"Hello, this is G. How's fatmata doing ms. kamara?" 
"oh still gay. She cant stop thinking about boobs again." 
I dont know everything but I do know i love my girlfriend
love speaks louder then volumes we can Comprehend 
And maybe humans are the only Creatures that have an issue with homosexuality because we have such s---ty hearing
so we beg you 
please vote yes
because your yes will echo into more love in this cold world
because your yes will be the intro to the song we'll sing to the children 
because your yes will turn into my "i do."
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