The Princess and Heroine

When she was young she wanted to be a princess.

The thought of being taken care of, being adored by everyone,

having whatever she wanted and living in a carefree bubble

that's what she wanted

and her parents said she could be a princess, so that's what they called her, Princess.

As she got older this thought stuck with her, that princesses life's were perfect

but what she wasn't ready for was reality.

The reality of her parents fighting and trying to lower voice because the kids were sleeping

to only realize Princess was hiding behind the door, scared and confused about why they were so angry at each other

only to say "it's ok Princess, go back to your bed".

The reality of going to school and being made fun of, trying her hardest to fit in while everyone made fun of her

calling her a "little princess"

The reality of battling depression and anxity, wanting to ask for help yet she felt like she couldn't because that's not what princesses do?

They are happy and give hope to people.

So that is what she tried to do. 

She tried to paint that smile on her face, but it was hard

because as she got older her bubble started to fade

having more realization of the world around her.

Realizing that families can break.

Realizing that people are selfish.

Realizing that the world is painted to be a cruel. dark place.

But she remembered that she had to have hope and be happy, and if she couldn't do it for herself, then she would help others.

She would help the people who were hungry and homeless find a place to eat and gain shelter.

She would help her siblings and parents get through their rough patch rather than sitting back asking why this is happening.

She would help other find their voice when they felt like they couldn't talk about how they felt.

because she knew exactly how it felt to not be able to show your true colors.

She would help with petitions and donations to end animal cruelity and end human suffering,

and through all of this, that is when she realized she wasn't a princess but a heroine.

Someone who helped people out of the goodness of her heart.

Someone who couldn't stand to see others suffering so she went out and made a change.

Someone, who through countless battles and hardships, still had hope and held onto that hope for others.

She was not a little kid anymore who lived in that bubble of having a perfect and carefree life

but a growing woman who was now outside that bubble, trying to help people get in.

She was young then old,

innocent then wise,

lost then found,

princess then heroine.










This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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