Prince Charming

Prince Charming-

Is the kind of men that can sweep you right off of your feet. He's the most romantic, charming, and sexiest men that you have ever seen in your life. Any men that can hold your hand in public, cook, clean, and spend quality time with his lady is a men who can be my prince charming any day.

Prince Charming-

Would massage your feet after a long day at work. Cook you a romantic dinner, and tell you how beautiful you are every single day. If you lose your glass slipper, he will be the one to find it for you. Buying his lady flowers and gifts makes him a great person, and he's a keeper in my eyes. Any men who is willing to have a serious conversation with a real women is definetly a winner in my eyes.

Prince Charming-

If a men is willing to spend his hard earned money on a lady, and she doesn't have to come out of her pockets for anything, that's a men. Ladies, don't get with a men that can't do anything for you. A real men is supposed to hold the house down. If you need to go run a few errands, you should trust your men enough to take care of your kid's, as well as your peaceful home. That's my prince charming. 



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