Oh lets see if I can remember
My memory deceives me...the past has been long forgotten
The present at ends-deadly
Oh but the future !

Bright as the orange star falling from the silent sky
Yes, the breath taking, conscious waking midnight blue
It's the year 1999
When the impossible dreams come true

The presidents war games have taken the best of all mankind
And no ruler left to rule-what's left
of God's creation- only mans destructions
But what comes from up above as true as the white dove

or ornery as the black moon He or is it He ?
Takes the figure of a mortal, but the soul of a devil
It's the prince of revelation and his bride
to be enduring in a celebration of his victory

in the land of red seas and purple rain nothing less
The lion has lost his crown and thrown to the sterling white horse
with the magical horn and the Almighty sky ruler has done
the same to a thundering pitch mammal, the Pegasus-His name.

This poem is about: 
My country


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