Pride and Confidence

Proud and confident,

what I should be,

anxious and jittery,

what I will be.


Pacing my room,

over and over,

reading my lines,

a hundred times over.


I know what to say,

I know what to do,

I just hold my breath cause

my mind's like a zoo,


What if I trip,

What if I fall,

What if their laughter is my downfall,

What will they say,

What will they do?


I take a deep breath,

Then I hope and I pray,

Practice makes perfect,

I'll get there someday.


To the day I stop stuttering,



To the day I start loving,

Liking and conquering.


My one biggest fear,

like many others,

Is speaking aloud for others to hear,

Speaking aloud in front of the masses,

Even in very small classes.


Year after year,

It's hard to escape it,

The most dreaded words,

Class presentations.


And year after year,

My confidence grows,

I speak a bit louder,

Stand a bit taller,

And grow a bit fonder.


I've conquered my fear,

Beat it into submission,

I walk up with pride,

Easily beating competition.


Proud and confident,

What you shall see,

Anxious and jittery,

Never from me.

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