I see death taking a toll on my shoulders

The darkness overflows and my flesh starts to feel colder

I can feel myself fade away

I notice that everything around me remains the same

The world remains while I begin to wither

My time has come and death begins to whisper, 

“Nothing stops for you, not even in your state of decline. 

Lower your pride and stop trying to hide,

Acting like you can handle your own when the stress consumes you as a whole”

The one complication I could never discard out of my life

The one thing that I tried to put to the side but never had the will to actually imply it to my life



Each breath is starting to lessen

Now I begin to question,

Was it really worth it? 

Why did I not decide to just humble myself?

Because of this fatal emotion, my life span  is beginning to compel itself to its end

Such a deadly sin that crumbles one within.



My soul begins to detach from my body

I notice the pain in my surroundings

The authenticity in their emotions and thoughts pouring out all around me

The opportunities that were endless 

But because of the dominance behind this emotion 

I lost all the possibilities that surrounded me



My soul has now risen above my flesh

This disastrous emotion ruined what could have been my next best step


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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