I rise before the sun breaks

Opening my eyes to a red horizon

The dawn giving as it takes

My sweet dreams from me


Blazing orange ignites inside

Burning within my lungs

We stand on the edge of divide

But I hold my breath


Dappled skin adorned by paint

The yellow I consumed bled through

I refuse to show any restraint

As I make my own happiness


We gaze upon them on their thrones

I swallow green envy down

Until it settles in my bones

And numbs my mind, not my soul


Bright blue stretches unending

Ahead of me, I am on a journey

We are tired of pretending

So I unveil my truth


Night flowers bloom indigo

We embrace each other here

A requiem echoes over the radio

While I gather our spirit


Violent violet quivers from our hearts

Reaching across a void of fear

Latent malice shrinks & departs

Even now I inspire hope


Black shadows & retreating radiation,

A white glow beckoning us,

It is of our own creation

We are finally proud

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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