Prevail behind the veil


Every human wears a veil,

It is one that we choose to wear,

Not because we want to, or because it's fair,

But because we seem to think on a much bigger scale


It's partially true, I don't know who I am,

I was never given the opportunity, 

The choices I have made, society gave to me, 

Of course we hide ourselves when we can


I am only what I need to be, 

Prevailing can't be considered wrong, 

We all do what we do to make it along,

If only in our society


I know who I am inside,

I know my true identity,

I pity the world, for I know that it will never know me,

But it will always know that I tried


When we actively pull back the curtain,

We become ourselves in the privacy of our own thoughts,

The kind of spirits that we hide could never be caught, 

When it comes to the knowledge of oneself, you can never be certain

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