A pretty young lady

A pretty young lady

walks swiftly across the grass and flowers.

A pretty girl can dance

like the wind.

Like the sky.

Like the earth orbits itself.



she was kidnapped 

by someone.


Nobody knows.



The pretty young lady was known 

to the angels and demons.

So now, she was disappear

to them or elsewhere.


This poem is about: 
Our world



Kidnapping was bad for the young lady. How old was she? Younger than the college 

students or she was a college student. People do not know much about her. They were

silent like the sheep and she was gone. 

     She might have gone to the Below with the demons. She would have suffer 

a great pain physically, mentally, and emotions. If she have gone to the Above

with the angels, she would have suffer the boredom and things were similar to 

the Below. So She supposed to be back on Earth and do what she loved.

And she do not care about the careless people, who do not look after her

at all.

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