Pretty wings


I dont know what happened
One minute we were happy
The next minute we were fighting 
We used to know each other
Now its like we are total strangers
With us it was like seeing double
Now its like 1+1-2
No one is ever around 
If I'm here you're there
If you're here I'm there
And its like there's a force field 
Around our hearts 
No one gets in and no one gets out 
And he isn't in
We don't sleep in the same bed
We don't sleep in the same room
We barely even sleep under the same roof
You're always in someone else 's bed
And I'm always home
You're always on the run
And all I ever run for is the phone 
Thinking that maybe it's you on the other end
But it never is
Always going off to talk on the phone
And all I can do is stare 
Because I know that I'm not making him happy
Leaving home early and either coming home the next day or not at all 
It hurts but what can I say
Other than its a job that I'm failing at
Making you happy used to be a breeze but now its a chore
I can give it another shot 
But what if it doesn't work
Then what 
I can't bring myself to beg 
And I refuse to change who I am for him
I should probably just give up
But what if I give up and he's only doing this to make me jealous 
Then what 
Why happens then
Maybe I will try 
But I don't know him anymore
Its like he's a picture 
That I can't grasp the concept of
Is that my problem
Is it because I'm unattractive to him
Or is it because he's fallen out of love
Could it be that he was never in love 
No one can possibly fall out of love that quick can they
I don't know 
I feel non existent to him
I feel useless and he doesn't even notice
Its as if I am a beautiful bird
And he is the scientist
The one who studies my kind
The one who parades us around to other scientists
The one who makes sure that I won't get away
Simply by clipping
My pretty wings


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