Pretty Pink Glasses

On a summer day i met him
With his sparkling eyes, smooth talk and confident smile
i could’nt do anything but fall for him


He said he loved me so fast
wanted me to be his wife till death
not knowing who he really was, i agreed
he seemed so thoughtfull and so sweet


I adored the way he kissed
soft lips covered in poison      
filled with the taste of such sweet lies   


With my pretty pink glasses
i was walking around
Adoration clouded my vision
Looks can be deceiving


the you look so pretty turned into
you should stop eating
why are you hanging out with your friends
when you can spend time with me instead


He said that if i loved him, like he loved me,
i would do more things
for him and me


I could never please him
No matter how hard I tried
His love was never love
he just wanted to be in control


Refusing to give up,
committed to the belief that his love was real,
not imaginary.


My pretty pink glasses shattered
when i found out,
he’d been talking to other girls

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