Pretty Girls, Me, and the Heretic I Call My Lover

As easily as a pretty girl can go for a jog

I can go for the fridge

And as easily as a skinny girl can slip into a pair of knee high socks

I can slip into depression

And as easily as I can stay up until two am

Stressing about my body and my personality

You can tell me I am imperfect

But you don't

because for some reason you want me to smile

you want to take the darkest parts of me

and fill them with shitty music and memes

You want to hold my hand

not fuck me

you want to call me at one am

to tell me that I need sleep

you want to fall in love with me

and as easily

as I could push you away

hole myself up into my room and listen

to Teenage Suicide and dandelion hands

you can tell me

you love me

What have you done to me?


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