Pretty Eyes

Honey, your pretty eyes give me a thrill.
You’re a captivating lady and I adore you.
Why do I follow the river to the coast?
I go there for you and your pretty eyes.
Every day I pray and wait for your love.
And I’m still hoping that you’ll accept me.

I don't mind if it’s late when I’m at your gate.
Would you like to go sightseeing with me?
I'll take you anywhere you want to go.
Love will enliven you when you’re down.
Don’t wait forever to say you love me.
Honey, I need you and your pretty eyes.

Why is my pitiful heart beating so fast?
It’s pounding for you and your pretty eyes.
If I could fall asleep, I’d dream about you.
I can hardly eat when I’m at the dining table.
The only thing I want to do is love you.
I wish you could see what I’m going through.

How I want you to be my blushing bride.
Put your arms around me and let me kiss you.
Don’t worry; I know that you’re a shy lady.
And I’m happy to show you what to do.
Take my love and tell me that you’re mine.
Honey, I love you and your pretty eyes.


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