Pretty Brown Eyes



How long has it been 

since I've seen you

Feels like a day but I know it's been years 

I dont know how I've survived

Away from a complexion So buttery 

Reminds me of butterscotch

Skin so smooth and

Soft like cotton candy 


I remember the first time we met 

The laughter and smiles on our faces

Rosed questions to the outsiders 

Although we just became friends

The time spent together felt like 

We were friends who reunited


As much as you were 

Sky rocking high

I still managed to gaze into those eyes 

Those eyes that glitter in and out of the sun

When used upon me 

Felt like I was having an x-ray done

You saw right through me 

With those eyes 

A pure light brown 

That lied about your innocence


 I miss those eyes

Those pretty brown eyes

When we stared 

Our eyes sync

A fair skin male 

With a light brown eye







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